Teens/Adults Dance Programs

Do you love to dance? Get started here and become a great dancer with our very own VYbE Teens/Adults Program Teams for 2017-2018.

Be introduced to choreography and basic movements to music and  release the inner dancer within you. Great way to keep you movin’, groovin’ and VYbE-in’ it out!
Programs begin October ’17 to end of May ’18.

Early Bird Discount

Sign up before August 20 2017 for 10% off your entire registration!
Must use DISCOUNT CODE: AK09SNF12PR10HV upon checkout.

Referral Rebate

Refer a new member to the company and receive $$$ back for your own registration! Upon the first month of programs, receive: a $65 rebate for referring a kid, a $100 rebate for referring a teen/adult. Limit to 2 referrals per registration only. Restrictions apply.

Why Dance at Vybe

VYbE is all about growth and improvement; that’s why our programs are 8 months long and once a week per class! Watch our students turn into a dance superstar and improve their dance skills to the next level. We offer various dance styles and many talented instructors to work with, they can never have too much dancing in their lives. We give them opportunities and introduce them to the dance community, allowing them to break out of their comfort zones and learn communication and social skills as well. VYbE is also known for our family-friendly and safe environment. Our NO judgment rule applies to everyone here and we are confident we can be like a second family for our students and they will fit right in. PLUS, it is a great and fun way to keep them exercising and healthy!  So, bring indoor shoes, comfortable clothing and plenty of water and sign up for the 8-month Teens/Adults Program today!

Teens/Adults Dance Programs

We offer 7 different programs for 2017-2018 in various styles.

J VYbE: Beginner Performance Team

Building great dancers from the bottom up – learn how to dance with this team! From grooving to footwork to choreography, take the basics and improve on them. Explore your performance, style, and SWAG at the annual Spotlight showcase. No experience required!

Method: Intermediate Performance Team

This intermediate team strengthens dance techniques and further explores various urban dance styles. Students will be provided with thrilling performance opportunities to showcase their moves at selected events within the GTA. The goal is to bring out the untapped potential and talent in students — gearing them up towards advancing to the fX level.

Jr L.O.V.E.: Beginner Performance Team

Be sassy, be fierce! The beginner team focuses on empowerment and exploring one’s inner diva. This team builds on foundation movement in Hip Hop and Sexy Urban Pop through choreography. Suitable for all genders, and no experience required!

L.O.V.E.: Intermediate Performance Team

Stay sassy, stay fierce! The intermediate team’s focus is on empowerment and further exploring one’s inner diva. 1 year of experience in Hip Hop or Sexy Urban Pop is required. This team builds on foundation movement in Hip Hop and Sexy Urban Pop through choreography. Can be suitable for all genders.

Jr Old School VYbE (OSV): Beginner Performance Team

Get the full package with this team – learn and build the skills and techniques to hip hop party grooves, breakdance, popping, locking and freestyle dancing. Suitable for students that are curious in figuring out what dance style is their calling. No experience required!

Old School VYbE (OSV) Funk: Intermediate Performance Team

If popping and locking is your thing, this would be your team. Building on previous experience OSV Funk will further train your choreography and freestyle skills and push you to become the best dancer you can be.

fX (Advanced Performance Team)

fX is a performance team representing VYbE at various events, showcases and competitions. It is a collective of advanced students from a variety of background and experience, making this team strong, talented and unique. The team will also get to learn from special guest choreographers. Be sure to watch this group rip the stage at various upcoming events and at our annual Spotlight Showcase. *fX is AUDITION ONLY and cannot be registered online yet – please sign up in person to audition BEFORE Aug 13 to still get the Early Bird Discount! If you don’t make it through, don’t worry we’ll still honour your Discount for any other teams.

VYbE Pro: Professional Competitive Performance Team

Work your way up towards this prestigious, award-winning team of hardworking, dedicated individuals. This team is INVITATION ONLY.


Base Registrations

Want to know what is included in our Base Classes Package? All the essential things you need to get your child started as a dancer! Check it out below.

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  • Weekly progressive rehearsals ($600-$1575 value)
  • Performance opportunities such as: VYbE’s Christmas Party, Spotlight and other additional stages throughout the year
  • Company membership: $5 open classes from October 2017-May 2018 ($525 Value)
  • Team T-shirts ($30 value)
  • Christmas Party & Dinner ($15 value)
  • Spotlight Performance Footage ($15 value)
  • Professional Group Photo Digital Copy ($15 value)

Premium Registrations

Our Premium program package includes ALL of the new add-ons for your young student. It includes photos, videos, private sessions and everything you need to get a jump start in a professional dancing career. Save over $600 versus buying them individually.

View All Add-Ons – *Also available individually

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  • EVERYTHING in the Base Classes Package
  • All the NEW Add-Ons
    • GOLD Company Membership
    • Headshots
    • Video Time Capsule
    • Private Sessions

New Add-Ons

Introducing our new Add-Ons! Extra materials to get your child the most bang for your buck. Great way to get the most out of their dance experience with so many great add-ons to choose from down below! Check out our premium package deal as well if you wish to get all of the add-ons without purchasing them individually.

GOLD Company Membership

FREE open classes from October 2017-May 2018 + one FREE guest pass weekly ($960 value) – $384


5 Professional Headshots digital copy with a Professional photographer  ($125 value) – $110

Video Time Capsule

Individual progess video that follows the life and improvement of the student in one program year. Includes: interviews, snippets of rehearsals and personalized behind-the-scenes footage from Spotlight ($800 value) – $700 (Only LIMITED to 5 students!)

Private Sessions

3 Hours (split any way you wish) of PRIVATE 1-on-1 sessions with any instructor of your choice – $350