All Ages Summer Workshop – Single Workshop


VYbE 8 Week Summer Workshops
Weeks of July 2 – August 21, 2017 @ VYbE Dance Company

1 Single Workshop: $155
2 Workshops Bundle: $310 $265 (Save $45!)
3 Workshops Bundle: $465 $355 (Save $110!!)
4 Workshops Bundle: $620 $400 (Save $220!!!)

*Summer Workshops are non-refundable and non-transferrable.
*Signatures are required upon your first class for Registration and Waiver/Release form.



VYbE 8 Week Summer Dance Workshops for ALL AGES

EARLY BIRD 5% discount code only applicable before May 31: SW17EARLY5


[ Hip Hop ] this evolved style of dance can be interpreted in many different ways. Whether it be soulful and smooth or hard hitting and energetic, this class will improve your motor skills and coordination. It is danced to Hip Hop hits of today and yesterday.
[K Pop ] learn cool and sexy original choreography to popular K Pop music (2NE1, Girls Generation, BigBang, etc) and feel like a K Pop star.
[ Girls Hip Hop ] this style is a more feminine style of hip hop. Think Beyonce or Britney Spears.
[ Heels ] Learn sexy dance moves with a hint of a core workout on those heels you’ve been dying to show off.
[ Breakdance ] Breakdance or b-boying is a street dance style that evolved as part of the hip hop movement. It involves Toprock (preparation movement), Footwork (movement on the ground) and Power Moves (large, often strenuous movements).
[ Popping ] Popping is a technique of quickly contracting and relaxing muscles to case a jerk movement. Waving is an illusionary dance where a series of movements give the appearance that a wave is going through a dancer’s body.
[ Locking ] is a style of funk dance, based on the concept of locking movements (ie.Leo Walk, Scooby Doo, Uplock, Skeeter Rabbit).
[ Waacking ] learn musicality fundamentals through arm movements, lines, and poses. These will be combined  with basic footwork to upbeat music for a fun, energetic class.


Kids Workshops are 1 hour and are generally for progressive learning. From week 1, the student will be introduced to foundation movement that is necessary for growth. The following weeks they will build upon what they have learned in the previous week assisting them to grasp many concepts that will be introduced by their instructor. The instructor will also present a piece (or two) of choreography for the students to work on throughout the workshop. The choreography given will help the students overall understanding of the dance style.


To register for the Summer Workshop sessions, students are required to submit a form of payment with their completed registration form AND waiver form. Payments may be made online (Online Processing Fees apply) OR in person at VYbE Dance Studio in Markham. You may submit cash or check in person until the first day of the workshops. Candidates will not be fully enrolled until the registration form, waiver form and payment are received. 

Registration Deadline: The last day to register is on the first day of each respective workshops from the week of July 3, 2017. All registration forms and payments must be received by this date.

Summer Workshops are non-refundable and non-transferrable. Please note a Waiver and Release form must be signed upon the first class of the workshop.

Student Absences: In the case of a student’s voluntary absence from class, the studio will not be able to issue any refunds of discounts. workshops are non-transferrable (they cannot be used by other students under any circumstances).

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Choose Your Workshop

Mondays 745PM Hip Hop Beginner with Glennie, Mondays 745PM Girls Hip Hop Inter with Juliana, Tuesdays 630PM Kpop All Levels with YJ, Tuesdays 745PM Breakdancing Beginner with Quan, Wednesdays 630PM Heels All Levels with Vivian, Wednesdays 745PM Locking All Levels with Vinny, Thursdays 630PM Waacking All Levels with Jasmin, Thursdays 745PM Popping All Levels with Jinoo, Saturdays 130PM Hip Hop Beginner with Carlo, Saturdays 245PM Hip Hop Inter with Nelson, Saturdays 4PM Kpop Beginner with Jasmin