VYbE Kids Programs

2017-18 Kids Dance Programs

Does your child love to dance? Get them started here with our very own VYbE Kids 8-Month Program for 2017-2018. Your child will be introduced to choreography and basic movements to music so they can release their inner dancer within them. Great way to keep your child movin’, groovin’ and VYbE-in’ it out!

VYbE Teens/Adults Programs

2017-18 Teens/Adults Dance Programs

VYbE is all about growth and improvement; that’s why our programs are 8 months long and once a week per class! Turn into a dance superstar and improve your dance skills to the next level. We offer various dance styles and many talented instructors to work with, you can never have too much dancing in your life! We provide performance opportunities and introduce you to the dance community, so you can break out of their comfort zones and learn communication and social skills as well.